The Story of Pōmai Entertainment

Moving to the Big Island back in 1990, Pōmai and his wife Kaʻuiki pursued their passions for Polynesian show entertainment, hula, and Hawaiian music. Their combined experience from Tavanaʻs Polynesian Spectacular, Teriʻi Ruaʻs Tamure Revue, Porpoise Island Amusement Park, Kaloʻs South Seaʻs Revue, Tihati Productions, Tokyo Disneyland and Paradise Cove Luʻau allowed for opportunities to create ʻnew visionsʻ of Polynesian Luʻau Entertainment. This approach offers a more personal touch that focuses on smaller, intimate groups and parties. Theyʻve shared these exclusive Luʻau Entertainment Packages with many Hollywood Celebrities, Honored Dignitaries, World-Class Athletes and Important Government Officials from all over the world. Their participation in numerous Tahiti Feteʻs, Merrie Monarch Festivals, Convention Show Presentations and Concerts in Japan has made PŌMAI the ʻGo-Toʻ Entertainment Company on Hawaiʻi Island. Let us arrange an intimate evening for your next Special Event.

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