Hawaiki Nui - Something To Say

Hawaiki Nui - Something To Say

Hawaiki Nui - Something To Say

'Hawaiki Nui' is the symbolic birthplace of our island people of the South Pacific. This mythical Homeland is the source of our heritage as we share our cultural identity through the contemporary musical emotions of our Islands Today. This CD, entitled "Something to Say," is a 12-track voyage through the South Pacific Islands of Hawai'i, New Zealand, and Tonga. It portrays our "sense of place" in this vast ocean of music.

Combining elements of Jazz, Rock, Folk, Latin, Hawaiian, Tongan and Maori music together with Mainstream musical 'grooves' and 'feels', we have created a unique blend of music we refer to as Island Contemporary. The opportunity to fuse together traditional Island instruments such as the acoustic guitar, ukulele, steel guitar and acoustic upright bass with the non-tradtional electric guitar, drums, banjo, synthesizer and glutophone has brought about a 'first-of-its-kind' project in Hawai'i.

This artistic interpretation of music by way of songwriting, selected instrumentation, melodic arrangements and expressive performance is done through an Islanders point of view. We have been influenced by many genres of music that have made their way to our Island shores, and we have been able to shape and mold these influences into a form we can now call our own.

If you want to know where Island Music is heading, and if you're tired of what the radio station progamming directors are telling you what "Good Music" is, then order your edition of Hawaiki Nui - 'Something to Say' today. This is not your sons' Reggae CD!

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