Ulana ‘Ie

Ulana ‘Ie

Ulana ‘Ie

Ulana ‘ie is a Hawaiian weaving practice utilizing native ‘ie’ve vine. The Hawaiian `ie`ie, is a plant that is culturally and historically significant to Hawai'i. It is a plant that thrives in healthy forests, where life is abundant and flourishes. In Hawai`i, an `ie`ie growing in a forest indicates that the area is a pristine and beautiful place to live, work, and play. 

Students will have a hands-on learning experience. Ulana 'ie is a comprehensive learning journey that will help you master the traditional art of weaving baskets. With proper instruction, you'll have a rare opportunity to engage in this cultural practice. Due to cultural gathering challenges (ROD) we will be replacing the native ‘ie’ie vine with easily available rattan.

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