Waipi’o Valley Beach (Surf & Fishing - Party of 2 / 4 Hours)

Waipi’o Valley Beach (Surf & Fishing - Party of 2 / 4 Hours)

Waipi’o Valley Beach (Surf & Fishing - Party of 2 / 4 Hours)

Experience the natural beauty and adventure of Waipi'o Valley on our Waipi'o Valley Beach Surf & Fishing Tour. This tour gives you the chance to fully experience the unique culture and environment of Waipi'o Valley by giving you the chance to both surf and fish.

The tour begins with a guided surf lesson from a local pro, who will teach you the basics of surfing and help you catch your first wave. You will then have the opportunity to test your new skills by catching some waves in the beautiful Waipi'o Valley.

After the surf session, you will take a short hike to the Waipi'o Valley Beach where you will learn about the history and culture of the valley and its people. You will enjoy the sightseeing of the waterfall and the Black Sand Beach, and you will have time to explore the beach and take in the stunning views.

The tour will continue with a fishing excursion on the Waipi'o River. Our experienced guide will provide all the necessary equipment and teach you how to fish in the traditional Hawaiian way. You will have the opportunity to catch a variety of fish including the famous Hawaiian Ulua fish.

Throughout the tour, our knowledgeable guide will provide insightful commentary on the history, culture, and environment of Waipi'o Valley, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Includes a Party of 4 Hours

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